My Perfect Winter Outfit

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1. Winter Coat – As I mentioned in my Winter Essentials post, a good Winter coat is an essential.

2. Midi Dress – I have been wearing a lot of Midi dresses recently and I think those types of dresses are great for Winter. They are rather long so great for that extra bit of modesty.

3. Gloves – You always need a pair of Gloves during the season.

4. Scarf/Shawl – I would add a nice polka dot shawl or a ‘snood’ to this outfit.

5. Wedged Boots – I never used to like heels as much but recently, I have been gravitating towards wedges, especially Mary Jane wedges. Not too high though! I feel like a pair of suede wedged boots is great for Winter.

6. Structured Bag – I make sure I always look smart and I feel like the bag you wear says a lot about your personality. A nice structured ‘doctors’ bag is really up my street and I find that to be the best bag for university/work.

7. Essie Nail Polish in ‘Shearing Darling‘ – I love this Nail polish. Very Wintery.

8. NARS ‘Shanghai Empress’ Semi Matte Lipstick – An outfit will not be complete without a nice dark red lipstick. This NARS one is perfect for Winter.

Eid-Ul-Adha 2013 – Modest Western Eid Outfit


Eid is coming up (October 14th or 15th) and of course it being the Qurbani Eid, this one in particular is the big one. Eid is the only time of the year where I branch out and wear a rather expensive Eastern outfit such as a churidar dress or just a general Indian outfit. However, there are two Eid’s in a year and one Eid I like to highlight my Eastern culture and the other Eid I like to wear a more Western dress to highlight that side of my background, yet still very modest.

Here is what I would wear if I want to add a more Western/British feel to my outfit yet still looking quite cultured and modest at the same time so I do not offend the family, even though everything I wear in general is always modest and conservative!

Maxi Dress – I would just simply wear an elegant long dress from neck to toe. The one above is a beautiful light blue/mint green maxi dress perfect for special occasions such as Eid. Now, because this dress is sleeveless which I would never wear on its own,  I would definitely add my own sleeve to it. I usually wear a shrug under all my sleeveless dresses to make it modest. With this dress above, I would pair it with a light blue shrug.

Shawl – Because it is Eid, I like to colour match the whole outfit. I would wear the same colour shawl over this dress to make it more elegant. With this extra piece of accessory the outfit does not stray away from the general Indian look because every Indian dress comes with a little scarf, so this outfit still adds that element to it.

Heeled Sandals – I am not the one for heels but Eid is an exception. I would pair the dress with a nice strappy heeled sandals of the same colour.

Clutch Bag – A nice sparkly clutch bag looks amazing with this outfit.

Bracelet – In Eid, people usually wear full jingly bangles on both hands which does tend to annoy me. The noise does anyway! However, with this outfit, I would keep it simple and just add one elegant bracelet matching the dress. Personally, I would keep jewellery to a minimum because as you know, I hardly ever wear jewellery but if you like wearing necklaces, rings – the lot, then go for it!

Floral Crown – As I always say, if you wear a floral crown, there is no need to wear any other accessory because floral crowns are a big statement. I would team this outfit with a nice cute floral crown which I love. I think floral crowns just make an outfit that extra bit stunning.

My Perfect Autumn Outfit

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Autumn is my favourite season, especially because I think Autumn fashion is amazing. Everything you see above is my perfect Autumn outfit and yes, they are all black and black is favourite colour to wear in the colder months. In Autumn, smart is the way to go for me.

A long-sleeve Drop-Waist Dress is a new style of dress I introduced to my wardrobe recently. I love the fit of this kind of dress and for some reason, it feels like something that I should wear in the Autumn. These dresses are quite popular at the moment.

I would pair this dress with a pair of leather look leggings or trousers. I chose leather just to give it more edgier look.

I usually wear a nice shawl over my dresses, so with this outfit, I would wear a nice black shawl over it.

In Autumn, I cannot live without a nice structured Mac or a Trench coat because it is quite light which is perfect for Autumn as it is not that cold; not cold enough for a wool coat anyway.  I recently purchased this Mac above from Miss Selfridge and I absolutely love it. Very flattering and it looks like a dress which is a bonus.

For footwear, I would wear my usual suede Wallabees. I just think it goes well with this outfit.

And finally, because I would usually wear this outfit to university, I would team it with a structured smart satchel, large enough to fit in my work. This one above is the  Office City Bag from Zara, which is not in stock at the moment due to the fact that it is old season now I think. However, they do have a similar one out at the moment but with zips and more larger. You can find it here. I absolutely love structured business/office bags like this.

And there we have it. My idea of a perfect Autumn outfit.

How I Style: Smock Dresses


Smock dresses are something I have been really loving recently and sometimes it can be very difficult to style them. I style them in a paticular way. The one above is a checkered smock dress from Miss Selfridge.

I like pairing a smock dress with either tights, leggings or just a simple black peg leg trousers.

A nice wedged mary jane shoes look incredible with a smock dress. I recently purchased the one above from Barratts. You can wear white tights which will look great with the mary janes or just a simple black or white socks.

Floral crowns look great on when you pair it with the right outfit. Pairing a floral crown with a smock dress will add a very cute look to the whole outfit. I absolutely love floral crowns. If you add a floral crown, you really do not need any jewellery to be honest. The floral crown, I feel is already a big statement and any other accessories will just look too much.

And finally, to complete the look, I added a pretty clutch bag which just looks amazing with the smock dress. I do try to colour match most things. In this particular look, it is quite pinky.

This is a very suitable outfit for a nice summers day, however I would wear it all year round.

My Perfect Summer Outfit


It has been very hot in London this week and for once, I have not been wearing a jacket because it is that warm outside. I always need a jacket of some sort whenever I go out, however, this week it has been impossible for me to even survive outside with a jacket on. This is what I love to wear during the summer and what I have been settling with this week.

  • Swing Dress – Hot weather makes me want to wear really light, simple and baggy dresses. Tight dresses with a lot of detailing will only just make you feel even more hot so I tend to stay away from that. I have been wearing floaty dresses recently. I find that my body can breath outside if I am wearing a nice light summery dress and not feel too hot. Swing dresses are very in at the moment and can make you look that extra bit glamorous during the summer months.
  • Capri Trousers/Leggings – Capri/Cropped trousers or leggings looks great with dresses like this or alternatively you can wear tights or bare legs if that is more your style. I prefer high-waisted capri trousers.
  • Shawl – Replacing a coat or a jacket, I love to wear a pretty polka-dot shawl. This will not make you feel hot and it gives a lot of coverage (which is what I want) that a jacket/coat will give you and it just looks amazing with a nice floaty dress.
  • Bag – When it is hot outside, the thought of taking a big bag with me makes me feel exhausted. A small simple cross-body bag is all you need.
  • Mary-Jane Flats – I usually wear suede wallabees with any outfit however, this weather makes me not want to wear socks and makes me want to give my feet a break, so this week, I have been wearing my simple mary-jane flats. This footwear provides a very elegant twist to it and it just looks incredible with the capri trousers.
  • Sunglasses – You always need a pair of sunglasses when it is hot. As usual, I have been wearing my round John Lennon shades.
  • Lipstick – I always say a look is never complete without lipstick and this week, I have been wearing MAC’s Pink Pearl Pop. It is such a lovely mid-tone summery pink and looks amazing on. Perfect lipstick for summer.

My Concert/Gig/Festival Outfit…

Last night (June 7th), I went to see The Stone Roses at Finsbury Park (London) and this is what I wore.

  • Black Tutu Dress (From H&M) – I absolutely love wearing a rather attractive tutu dress for a occasion like a music concert/festival/gig. It just makes the whole outfit look together, it looks flattering and has a rock ‘n’ roll feel to it.
  • Black Skinny Trousers (From H&M) – As usual, I wore black skinny trousers with the tutu dress. It has a leggings look to it which goes with the dress.
  • Parka (From Matalan – but customised myself) – I could not go to a Stone Roses gig without wearing my customised parka. All day I got compliments off Roses fans because of how ‘cool’ and ‘modlike’ I  looked wearing it. The parka definitely suited the band and the atmosphere of the gig.
  • Black Patent Dr Martens (From Amazon) – Because it was an outdoor gig and I would be standing on grass, I decided to wear my Dr Martens. I do not wear these boots at indoor gigs but for an outdoor gig or a festival, Dr Martens are perfect, just in case it gets muddy. However, it was not muddy at all yesterday but I am glad I wore them because it kept me warm and it was easy to walk in!
  • Round Sunglasses (From eBay) – It was sunny so to sum up the Mod/Rock ‘N’ Roll  look, I wore my round shades, which always looks cool with my parka.
  • Hello Kitty Bag (From Claire’s Accessories) –  I always take a small bag with me to a concert or a festival and this Hello Kitty bag contradicted the whole look however, I love Hello Kitty and this bag is a perfect size to fit all the concert/festival essentials in such as camera, phone, tickets, make-up etc…
  • MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick – And finally, as usual, any look of mine would not be complete without a lipstick. I decided to wear MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick. I love matte red lipsticks and this stayed on all day. You only have to apply a little bit because it is rather thick.

Putting the fashion aside, the gig was rather amazing. I have been cynical about The Stone Roses reforming but after seeing them live, they did not disappoint and Ian Brown, who is one of my heroes  shook my hand, which made the night even more amazing.

My Perfect Spring Outfit…

ImageWhite Dress with Collar – I rarely wear anything bright but white is an exception for me, especially in springtime. Recently, the weather has been a bit warmer, I have been loving wearing white dresses with a collar. Weirdly, wearing a pop of white makes me feel rather at peace and makes me feel quite pleasant.

Grey or Cream Cardigan – I have been pairing the white dress with a very lightweight grey or cream cardigan. It goes well with the collar and just brings the whole outfit together.

Parka – Spring. It is not hot but it is not cold either so a parka is perfect for this kind of weather. It is light and gets you ready for those unexpected spring showers when you are out. I love the 60’s Mod style and this bit of my outfit is definitely inspired by Liam Gallagher. I customised my parka myself with mod patches and Oasis/The Who/The Jam patches on and I always get complimented on it.

Black High-waisted Skinny Trousers – Well, this is always in my outfits, whether it is Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter. Definite staple in my wardrobe. I do not like jeans. A smart tailored skinny trousers is always a good look.

Suede Brogues – I always wear some kind of suede footwear (also inspired by the mod era) and suede brogues just look amazing and gives it that rather smart look.

Red Lipstick – An outfit will not be complete without red lipstick. I find that red lips just boost my self confidence that extra little bit. My favourite ever red lipstick is MAC’s Russian Red.