August Favourites 2016



Dermalogica Sheer Tint SPF 20 Moisturiser, Light

I probably will feature at least one Dermalogica product in my monthly favourites – I love it that much. Expensive as they are, they work well on my skin and so I’d say the price is definitely worth it.

The UK had a bit of a heatwave in August and the idea of wearing foundation in the hot weather is a bad one. In the beginning, I did wear my usual foundation but I felt like my face was coming off. Definitely a bad move!

So, I was researching about BB creams but with good coverage yet light. I never used BB creams before so I didn’t know how it’ll be like.My worry is coverage. I’ve come across sweat proof powders which are good but for me, I find them to look cakey on my face.

My safest option was to see if Dermalogica have anything such as a tinted moisturiser and I discovered the Sheer Tint Moisture. I decided to go ahead and buy it – at £34.80, it is definitely on the pricey side and definitely needs a good research beforehand. I love it. As the name says, it is very sheer and just like a moisturiser but with a bit of coverage. I got the one in ‘light’ but there are also a medium and a dark version.

Obviously because it’s basically a BB cream, it doesn’t give a FULL coverage so I use a little bit of concealer on certain areas to cover scars and pigmentation. It is perfect for the warm weather as you’re not wearing a foundation that has a lot of chemicals in. It looks natural and fresh. I even wear it to the gym as it doesn’t seem obvious that you’re wearing it!



Celebrity Big Brother

Celebrity Big Brother literally took over my August. I loved it so much! It has been an amazing series. Bear has been one of the most entertaining housemates ever. It would have honestly been boring without him and he deserved to win! I loved how confident he was from the beginning when he said he will win. I don’t watch Ex On The Beach so I didn’t know who he was before and God, first I thought I’d hate him but honestly, as the days went on, he won me over with his wind ups towards Renee and Aubrey.

Bear, Chloe, Lewis and Marnie – that was a nice little group and had each other’s backs and when Lewis left, I’m glad Marnie and Bear stuck together. Other than those guys, James Whale was brilliant.

The housemates that really frustrated me was mainly the Americans. Renee and her crying and moaning about Bear all the time. Aubrey – how awful was it when she spat on Bear’s food? She should have been removed from the house when she did that. It was such and utterly horrible and disgusting behaviour.

Heavy D also really annoyed me with his “BOOOM”. He’s so loud !

I don’t know what I’ll do with my evenings at 9pm anymore. For about 14 weeks, Big Bro kept me entertained. It’s back in January and I’m really looking forward to that!

There were lots of highlights from this series but one I keep remembering and the one that made me laugh so much was when Bear thew a pie on Aubrey’s face. It was hilarious! “IT’S ONLY A BIT OF PIE!” (clip below).

Rio Olympics

I have been really enjoying watching the Olympics. I have been absolutely enjoying Weightlifting mainly – in fact, excusing the fact that I am weak, the Olympics has inspired me to start doing more weights rather than cardio. I guess it’s good for me to focus more on gaining strength rather than losing weight and becoming weaker.

I have also been enjoying athletics – watched all Mo Farah races and he was incredible – even the race when he fell over but he got back up again and won – that is amazing.

Well done to Team GB – they have done incredibly well.


Bates Motel

This is a show I have been binge-watching on Netflix throughout August. I think I finished Season 1 – season 4 all in less than a week! I was sad that Scream ended, so I felt like I needed to put my excitement into another thriller type show – and oh my goodness, Bates Motel is so gripping. I would describe it as a psychological thriller. It is about a mother Norma Bates and her son  Norman Bates (yes, so similar)  who have an interesting relationship – in fact, it is a very creepy and disturbing relationship. Overall, it is about the son’s deep-rooted  mental health issues, mainly to do with his close relationship with his mother – he gets diagnosed with Dissociative identity disorder (DID). I just couldn’t get enough of it and as I finished each episode, I just couldn’t help but to watch the next episode. I enjoyed it so much and apparently Season 5 will be out next year sometime (so long!) but I am really looking forward to it. Also, there is a lot of guns and shooting involved.


I featured Justin Bieber in my July Favourites and here he is again. I never liked Justin’s music before. But recently, he is actually making amazing music with amazing vocals. Cold Water and Let Me Love You has been on repeat this month for me. I cannot get enough of them. I mean, aren’t they so much better than his previous songs? I cringe when I listen to ‘Baby’. He has matured and I love the dancy type of songs of his. I keep watching the choreography to Cold Water because it is just so cool and I am in the process of learning it! Both songs make me feel happy when I’m sad – definitely a positive mood changer.

London 2012 – Legacy

Many of us, including myself were cynical about the London 2012 Olympics before it even started. Worrying about the transport – the packed sweaty tubes and the traffic on the roads. The whole thing is going to be a nightmare! The weather can put London at a stand still so surely the biggest sporting event in the world would stop London running normally, no? It surprisingly didn’t. Everything went smoothly. You would have thought after the London Riots of last year that London would be the last place on Earth people would want to visit. In fact, I believe the Olympics have saved London in many ways. It made the world come together to celebrate sport in all its glory. So, maybe, just maybe that the £9bn was worth it.

Young people have been inspired by the Olympics with all the gold’s Team GB have won and are now striving be more active in their day-to-day lives inspired by Team GB athletes such as Mo Farah and Jessica Ennis. Both, the Olympics and Paralympics left a positive legacy for young people. It also made a major political wake-up call. Ministers are now thinking about getting in more sporting facilities in schools to encourage young people to stay active which could give them a focus in life.

It showed the Coalition just how the economy is suffering and how it can be improved. It opened up a lot of economic benefits and it is now kick-starting a new economy. A newer Britain perhaps? I think now the government is at it’s strongest than it has ever been. Britain needed this. London needed this. The greatest show on Earth has now come to an end and it left an incredible legacy. We impressed the world. Now, Rio de Janeiro – show us what you’ve got.