Skin Tightening Options

Fine lines and wrinkles are not just an old people thing. It can happen to young people too. There are a lot of treatment options for tightening the skin.

How does skin tightening work?

Skin tightening works best by contracting the skin cells to remove wrinkles while also filling the thin cells with fresh collagen And elastins. Plump cells appear healthier and younger looking. They also fill in fine lines and wrinkles. A good treatment method doesn’t just tighten the skin, but plumps the cells with collagen to heal damage.

Topical Treatments

The least expensive treatment is by using natural treatment. Creams, serums, and lotions are all applied topically to the surface of the skin. Most of these lotions cannot penetrate the surface of the skin, so cannot encourage collagen growth or elastin production. They can only moisturize and tighten the surface of the skin. Results are mild and temporary at best.


Using ultrasound technology to heat the cells in the deeper layer of skin, this method encourages collagen growth to plump up the skin and renew the cells. It also causes the skin to tighten. Unfortunately, it cannot be used on the entire body. The FDA has only approved treatment in the face, neck, jowls, and upper chest areas.

IPL Treatments

Intense Pulsed Light or IPL is a treatment that uses light energy pulses to target cells in the lower layer of skin. It heat the cells to stimulate both collagen and elastin production, which will continue for as many as six months after treatment. By heating the cells with used aesthetic medical equipment, the skin also reacts by contracting. Results are noticeable immediately after treatment, but the full results won’t be seen until the skin has finished producing collagen.

Do treatments work on everyone?

That depends on several factors, including the client’s skin condition and age. The poorer the condition of the skin, the less effective the treatment will be. It will also affect how fast the skin heals. The ideal client is one who is in very good health, has healthy skin, and is between 25 and 45 years of age.

Which treatment is the best choice?

Deciding which treatment is the best is dependent on the client and their needs. If you’re young and have very mild wrinkles, then topical treatments might be best. For more moderate skin sagging, IPL procedures might be the best choice. Don’t forget to include the costs, recovery time, side effects, and risks in the decision process. Each of these elements plays into what an individual can afford and is willing to try for a procedure

My Pamper Evening Essentials

ImageProxy (2)

What I like to do every week is to have a nice pamper evening to relieve stress and just have some ‘me’ time. I know how stressful you can get when you have studying to do, a job or kids to look after. That does not mean you cannot treat yourself now and then. A break is what you need to recharge your batteries. In fact, pampering yourself does wonders to your physical and mental state and makes you feel so much better. I always like to have my own pamper evening once or twice every week and this is what I usually do…

DSC00822Relaxing bath –  A pamper evening always should include having a nice relaxing bath. It will not be a pamper evening if a bath is not included because that bath is what relaxes and soothes you the most. Recently, I have been buying bath bombs from Lush because they are amazing and makes you feel fresh and lovely. You need something special on a pamper evening. My favourite bath bomb is the Avobath made with avocado, olive oil and lemongrass and it smells amazing.

Exfoliating Face Mask – An exfoliating homemade face masks are the best for a pamper evening. My favourite is definitely my Manuka Honey and Sea Salt mask. Great for acne-prone skin.

DSC00785Candles – I love candles. I burn them while I study too. They put you in a rather relaxing mood. Yankee Candles are expensive but they last a long time and get the whole room smelling lovely. I was looking for the Christmas Cookie recently but they were all sold out, so I settled for the  Strawberry Buttercream instead. It is absolutely gorgeous. I burnt it only once and everyone says it got the whole house smelling nice let alone my bedroom. Scented candles are a must for a pamper night.

Clean and Tidy Bedroom – Along with that, I always make sure I have a tidy bedroom and some fairy lights turned on. It just makes me feel so much relaxed and cosy. Below is my bedroom – well half of it anyway.

photo (45)

Book – I love cosying up in bed with a good book. I am currently reading Madness by Marya Hornbacher for the second time.


Nail Polish – Something rather girly! A pamper even will not be a pamper evening without painting your nails. My favourite is the Essie ‘Fishnet Stockings’. A lovely deep red. It looks beautiful on. 13249384

I think I will have a nice pamper evening on New Year’s Eve. Perfect way to end 2013 don’t you think?

Beauty Review: Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant


I have been using Dermalogica products for over a year now because they specifically cater for sensitive acne-prone skin and work very well on my skin. I usually make my own exfoliating mask with honey and salt (see post here) however, I felt like my pores were getting quite large and I just wanted something new to try out and so I felt like buying a really good exfoliating product.

Obviously, I have to really research into a product before I buy it because my skin is very sensitive and because Dermalogica products work really well on my skin without breaking me out, I automatically gravitated towards their website and discovered the Gentle Cream Exfoliant.

So, because Dermalogica are a high-end brand, I decided to buy the travel size version of the product. I would however, recommend going to a Dermalogica counter yourself and getting a free sample (Liberty London in Regent/Carnaby Street have one) but in my case, I took the lazy option and decided to purchase the travel size product.

On their website, it says “Dramatically improve skin texture with this two-in-one masque/exfoliation treatment. Non-abrasive formula contains Lactic Acid and Hydroxy Acid to help detach dead skin cells, increasing cell renewal while improving texture for dramatically smooth skin. Formulated without artificial fragrances and colours.” 

I was quite wary of the fact that it is a chemical exfoliant because of the nature of my skin but because it said it was non-abrasive, I decided to give it a go.

The formula is a rather light and thin consistency almost moisture-like but when you apply it, it becomes very dry on the skin. I lather it onto my face, mainly concentrating on minimising those pores and I then leave it for 15 minutes. I then wash it off with warm water.

I have used it twice now and straight away after I have washed it off, my face feels rather smooth, the pores becomes dramatically smaller and it seems to kill those dead skin cells, which is the result I was looking for! It did not break me out one bit, so it is definitely a good product for those who have sensitive skin. You really notice the difference straight away.

The product is £37.90. I know it is very expensive and probably not worth it but if it does the trick, then why not buy it? Also, you only need to use it once or twice a week so therefore, the product will last you quite a long time.

*This is not a sponsored review.*