About Me

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I am a 27-year-old journalist and blogger from London, UK. In 2014, I graduated from City University London with a degree in Journalism and since then, I have worked for the BBC and ITN as a Broadcast journalist.




I have worked for BBC Radio 4’s Today programme, which was my first ever job since graduating.

I kept pursuing my love for news and politics and started working for BBC One’s Andrew Marr Show and Daily & Sunday Politics. I have covered various political stories since working for the BBC including the 2015 General Election, 2016 Local and Mayoral Elections, EU Referendum and the fast moving events that unfolded after the Brexit vote.

I have covered various UK and World stories including breaking and developing news such as the Paris and Brussels attacks as well as numerous other terror related news.

I mainly write and speak out about mental health due to my own personal experience with an eating disorder and various other mental health issues. 

I am on a mission to break down the cultural barriers of women in Islam and the South Asian culture, which I feel very strongly about.

I also have a passion for fashion, beauty and health and fitness.

I have written for various publications including The GuardianThe Huffington Post, Time to Change and Beat.

I have been featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine (UK) in 2016 for a feature called The Rise of High Functioning Anorexics. I have recently done an interview with Women’s Health (UK) magazine for their Strong Minds feature on mental health, in which I talk openly about my struggle with BPD and anorexia.

Any views I express in this blog is mine and mine only.

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