My Modelling Experience 

Recently, I was shortlisted to become a fashion model by The Model Factory/Luxe Models and they invited me to Kube Studios for a makeover and photoshoot. Kube help aspiring models break into the industry, along with training and advice.

As I have done photoshoots before, I wasn’t that nervous. In fact, I love it when someone else does my hair and make up. The make up artist done four different looks on me to go with my four different outfit changes.

The first look was a more natural look which went with a casual outfit that I would wear on an everyday basis – a tulle skirt with a plain black top. The photographer told me that it seems like I’m much more confident in modelling in public – that’s news to me! But shows that I do appear confident and it is showing!

The next look was another natural look with my usual all black lacey outfit.

Now it gets more glamorous and right up my street. More eye make up with statement outfits. This one is my usual elegant and ‘princessy’ look. I love my hair curled like this!

Because I am Asian, they asked me to go for an Indian look as it is part of my culture which I rarely expose that much. I thought why not? I love dressing up on Eid and stuff and it’ll be nice to be professionally shot wearing my Indian outfit (and make my mother happy!) I brought in my recent Eid outfit and my selection of bindis to top the look off. The make up artist matched the look to my outfit. These are some of my favourites shoots from the day.


Everyone at the studio was absolutely lovely and very welcoming. It gave me an impression and an idea of what the modelling industry is really like. I thought it’ll be harsh and demanding. I thought I needed to be tall to model, a reason why I never considered it before because I’m only 4″11′! But that’s perfectly fine. I think it’s really important, especially in modelling is to know when to say ‘no’. I have a particular style and if I don’t feel comfortable with a certain look or outfit, I will say no. I did on the day and they were absolutely fine with it and went with whatever I felt comfortable with. That’s what I loved most about the experience. As I mentioned, I thought it would be a demanding environment but it was far from that!

The team felt I did really well and have what it takes to be a professional model. They liked my pictures and now will match me up with agencies.

This is all new for me but so exciting! My main career path is of course in journalism but modelling is something I’d do on the side. I love my fashion and beauty and have always done. It is also a great addition to this blog and an extra thing I can tell you guys all about!

To end this, apparently I am a “glamorous journalist” – I’ll definitely take that! 🙂

8 thoughts on “My Modelling Experience 

  1. Brianna says:

    Hi Habiba,

    You really are so photogenic. Also you’re an inspiration to many. You should be so proud of yourself lovely xxx

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