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On 5th February, it is Time To Talk Day – a campaign by Time To Change to encourage people to talk about mental illness for five just minutes. As part of the campaign, Time to Change want people to share why they are taking part in the movement with just five sentences (above) and here are mine…

  1. My name is Habiba and I struggle with an eating disorder (anorexia), depression and anxiety.
  2. My mental illness has affected my life by making it rather difficult for me to do normal day to day activities because a voice in my head seems to control everything I say or do.
  3. My greatest source of support has been family (the ones who understand) and my friends who have always been there for me. Another strong support has been God and Music. Music has definitely helped me through some rough times. And believing in a higher power? Well, it is amazing what that can do.
  4. My hope for the future, in terms of talking about mental illness is that I would like to see more empathy, support and understanding for people with mental health problems.
  5. I am taking 5 on Time To Talk day because I am passionate about breaking the stigma of mental illness, especially in my culture where mental illness is not often talked about without bringing shame into the equation. Through my journey with mental illness, I want to inspire people and make them believe that it does get better.


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