Little Black Dress: Dream Date Style Challenge

The lovely people from Daily Look contacted me asking me if I would like to put together an outfit using one of their little black dresses for a perfect date outfit – which sounded like a great idea for a fashion post, as I haven’t put an outfit together for a while and Valentines Day is coming up – so definitely a great time for some inspiration!
I chose this maxi dress because it is exactly what I would personally wear on a date. A plain long black dress can look rather elegant if you pair it with the right accessories. You can dress it up or down – either way. With this look, I decided to go for the more traditional romantic colour for the accessories, which is red. Black and red go really well together and perfect for a date night.
A stylish red shawl, blazer or bolero would look stunning with an LBD. As this dress is sleeveless, for me personally, I would like some coverage over the shoulders.
Because I have paired a red bolero on the top, I thought the outfit would look great if the top and bottom matched, so a rather lovely pair of classy red heels works well.
I could have went for a red clutch bag, but for some reason, the outfit felt too red for me. I wanted the bag to match the dress, instead of every single accessory being red. I think a simple black clutch works well with a black dress.
With this outfit, the red bolero would be a statement piece as well as the length of the dress – so I decided not to add too much jewellery. A simple red stone necklace and earring set from Claire’s just makes this look elegant and charming.
To complete the look, a dark red lipstick.

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