Big Brother UK 2014 : My thoughts?


I say this every year – whenever summer comes around, I am quite literally hooked to Big Brother and every year, it gets better. 

This year, we have some rather unusual housemates. Actually, every year they seem to put in unusual housemates.

Screen Shot 2014-07-08 at 13.06.50

Tamara, Pauline, Toya and Matthew have been evicted. Out of all of them, I liked Matthew and I don’t think he deserved to go. Tamara was boring, Pauline was a game player and Toya was just too loud and she thought she was the best – so they deserved to go.

I think I will start with my favourites at the moment. I absolutely love Ashleigh. She is the only one who actually stands up to Helen. I loved the week when the girls had the power and Ashleigh basically became the boss. You cannot win with the public – if you don’t do anything, you are boring and hated but if you actually speak your mind, you are still hated. Well, I think Ashleigh is brilliant and I really don’t want her to go on Friday as she is up for eviction.

My next favourite is Chris. I think he is a decent laid-back guy. I also loved him when he had the power and he made all the right decisions and knew exactly what Pauline was doing when all the other housemates where oblivious to it. 

Now, the controversial housemate is of course Helen. I don’t think her pass to the final (given by Pauline on the second day) is well deserved at all. If she didn’t have that pass to the final, she will be long gone. I think she has deep personal issues that she has not dealt with and this is why she is very angry and always looking to start arguments with people. The big argument that she had was with Danielle and Matthew. I thought she said the most horrendous things to them. To be honest, I think she has had her fair share of arguments with each and every housemate now – expect for Ash, who is her best friend in the house.

Everyone is scared of Helen and afraid to stand up to her but Ashleigh is doing that – and apparently, some of the public don’t like that. Everyone else knows that getting into an argument with Helen will end in a nasty way so they always try to avoid it. I don’t know what Big Brother is playing at to be honest because she already received two formal warnings about her bullying in the house and Big Brother said if she does it again, she could be kicked out of the house. However, she has been vile towards a lot more housemates after she has had those warnings and yet Big Brother is not doing anything about it. Having said that, the house will be very dull and boring without Helen so I guess she is making the show rather watchable. 

Onto Kim and Steven now. I don’t know what is going on but I reckon Steven is only going to get hurt because Kim doesn’t really seem to be that interested in him. That could be because she cannot show her emotions rather obviously but she said she is in a relationship outside of the house – so I don’t know what she is doing with Steven. They already talked about moving in together after they get out, having been together for two weeks? Something is not right. I reckon it is more ‘showmance’ than romance with those two – but we’ll see. 

Winston? I don’t know what is his game to be honest. For the first week, he was ‘dating’ Tamara and now that she has been evicted, he is making a move on Danielle – which many of the public and housemates were surprised by. Danielle is very set in her ways and is very sensible but I don’t know – people can surprise you. I do think Danielle is going to feel lost if Ashleigh gets evicted. 

This leaves Jale, Ash, Christopher, Marlon and Mark. I reckon it is time for Marlon to go. His behaviour is quite boring yet annoying at times.

The public love Mark. His strong scouse accent can be very irritating though. I do think he will be in the final.

I think Christopher is quite misunderstood. I think he tries to be very fair and honest as he can be yet he gets accused of things – for example, the Christmas task where he had to choose people who were on the good list and the naughty list. Helen took it very personally as she was picked to be on the naughty list (which resulted in argument last night) and I felt that it was very unfair for Christopher as he did what he had to do but Helen just wanted to pick a fight with him. 

I don’t know what to say about Ash. He doesn’t really do anything except for being Helen’s friend to be honest. I really want him to be evicted just to see what Helen does without him. 

Finally, Jale. She was most hated by the housemates during the first week and I only think this because of Pauline’s influence. Pauline did not like her from the very beginning and her power resulted in Jale being up for eviction every single week. I really like Jale. I think she is the most honest and genuine housemate out of all of them. 

Overall, I am absolutely loving this series. There are a lot of arguments because of Helen but I guess it would be boring without arguments. This series is based on ‘the power’ where one or a couple of housemates get the power to put housemates up for eviction. Along the way, Big Brother has provided some exciting twists, which makes it more interesting. 

Maybe it is too early to say who will win, but judging from the public’s response so far, I reckon Mark or Winston will win. Chris could even do it!  

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