Autumn Favourites 2013

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It is nearly the end of Autumn, so I thought I would start a ‘season favourites’ series. Below are some of my favourites from this Autumn.


Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant – I really have been loving this exfoliant this Autumn. Rather than repeating myself, I have reviewed this product right here, so please do check that out if you are interested.


Urban Decay – Toasted (Eyeshadow) – I use my Urban Decay Naked Palette all year round to be honest but this Autumn, I have basically hit the pan with ‘Toasted.’ I love this eyeshadow so much and I use it with ‘Sin’ and they both look amazing together.



Miss Selfridge Coat – I bought this coat for Autumn and I basically lived in it this Autumn, so it was not a waste of money. I am getting a lot of wear out of it that inside one of the pockets, it has started to tear up! I do need to get that sewed back.



Johnny Marr gig  – On the 18th October, I went to see Johnny Marr for the second time this year (third time including the time when I met him at a signing). For those who don’t know, Johnny Marr (along with Noel Gallagher and a few others) is a hero of mine and someone who made me pick a guitar when I was 13 and inspires me like no other. He played the Roundhouse in Camden and he was absolutely wonderful as usual. He played all the great new ones and also some Smiths ones too. My highlight was when he played ‘Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want’ and Electronic’s ‘Getting Away With It.’ Just stunning. At the end of the gig, I managed to get his setlist and his plectrum. So, not a bad gig!


Avril Lavigne album – I have been loving (and still am) the new self-titled album by Avril Lavigne. When Goodbye Lullaby came out in 2011, I basically overplayed it weeks on end as soon as it came out and never got sick of it and I have been doing the same with this new album. My favourite songs include ‘Hush Hush’ ‘Hello Kitty’ ‘Falling Fast’ ‘Hello Heartache’ and ‘Give You What You Like.’ Oh, I love all of them! It is difficult to choose. A wonderful album.

Little Mix album ‘Salute’ – Another album I have been loving is Little Mix’s new album. I think they are fabulous and my favourite song from the album has to be ‘Little Me’ as the song says exactly what I would say to my younger self, to speak out, to shout out and believe in myself a bit more. The unplugged version on the Deluxe album is beautiful.


Morrissey: Autobiography – Morrissey’s autobiography was released this Autumn and I am still in the middle of reading it but enjoying it very much indeed. I don’t know why it is classed as a Penquin Classic though (I did an item on this on my recent radio show.) I like Marr more than Morrissey so I am not that much of a fan of Mozza himself but this book really is very interesting and I am quite intrigued as to how he remembers everything that happened when he was little. It is a great book however and you get to find out a lot about the man himself.

Alex Ferguson: My Autobiography – Sir Alex Ferguson also released his autobiography a week after Morrissey released his and they were both basically battling each other for the ‘top sellers’ in Waterstones weeks after they came out. My last post was a review of this book and you can check that out here. When I bought this book, everyone wanted to read this book after me as most of my family are Manchester United fans. This book is a very interesting book and I highly recommend it.


Other Favourites

The Reith Lectures (BBC Radio 4) – Discussing the aspects of modern art, Grayson Perry was the lecturer of this years Reith Lectures and although I am not interested in art, the lectures were highly insightful and every year, I seem to enjoy these lectures more and more.

BBC Question Time (BBC One) – Question Time is my favourite and every Thursday, I force myself to stay awake to watch it. This Autumn, I think my favourite was the one where Nigel Farage was on the panel along with Vicky Pryce.

Autumn Party Conferences – This seems like ages ago now, but in the beginning of Autumn, I was hooked to the political party conferences kicking off with the Liberal Democrats, then Labour, then UKIP and then finally the Conservative Party Conference. I reviewed the main speeches from each leader (except Nigel Farage) and George Osborne’s keynote speech on my blog but the UKIP conferences was definitely a weird one with the whole controversy over Godfrey Bloom. I still cannot get over this (video below) and my little brother and I know the whole dialogue by heart.

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