My Favourite iPhone Apps

A few months ago, I became a new iPhone user after a couple of years of being an Android user and I must say, I absolutely love it and that is probably due to the apps that I could not get on the Android. So, I thought it would be a great idea to dedicate a blog post about it. Below are some of my favourite apps on my iPhone I use on a daily basis.

photo 1
BBC News – 
This is the app I always go to as soon as I wake up in the morning. Even before I turn on the radio to listen to the Today Programme, I have to read the news first just to be aware of the days top stories and of course BBC News is perfect for that.

Tube Map – There is a lot of London Underground apps around but I find this to be the best one. In a travel app, I always need a list of all the underground lines and their current status – such as a good service or a closure/engineering works, so I know if I need to change my route or not.

Tunein Radio – Do not get me wrong, I love my DAB but when you are in bed, you just want something portable to listen to, rather than getting up and switching on/off the radio. This is where Tunein Radio comes in. This app is marvellous for all you radio listeners. I favourite all my most listened to radio stations, so it stays in one place and I can ‘tune’ into them easily. Also, another thing I love about this app is that you can easily listen to any radio station from all over the world and you can also listen to podcasts. You can just browse for the show you want to listen to, for example – Woman’s Hour – and you can find a list of all the recent podcasts of the show, which is great!

Twitter – There is nothing really to be said about Twitter as it does speak for itself. I use Twitter everyday and the app is definitely convenient to use when you are on the go.

Instagram – Instragram is a very popular app. It is always nice to post pictures when you have something interesting to share I guess but also it is nice to browse through other people’s pictures too.

BBC Weather – I absolutely love this app. It is only a few months old and for people who love to keep on top of the weather, this is a great app as it is very reliable.

The Independent and The Guardian – Although I like buying my newspapers, like the BBC News app, The Independent and The Guardian app are fabulous if you are the news junkie like myself and want to keep up to date with the top stories on the go. When I am travelling, I just browse through them when I am bored and you do not actually need to scuffle with the physical paper itself.

Recordium – This is an audio recording app that I bought because I needed a really good professional sounding app for when I to do any vox-pops for my radio show or if I need to interview someone…rather than using a professional audio recorder which can be rather massive. Believe or not, radio news reporters actually use an iPhone to record their interviews and vox-pops – and the audio sounds so professional. This is something I learnt and saw during my time working for LBC 97.3 and I was rather fascinated by it. This app also works well in lectures too, so if you are at university, you can record your lecture if you, like myself, have difficultly concentrating at times.

photo 2MyFitnessPal – I would probably get into trouble for using this app because it is quite disordered but I think it is such a fantastic app if you want to keep in check with how much calories you are consuming everyday and if you are getting the right amount of nutrients for your body. You can also add the exercises you do everyday too so all in all, it is a great and a very popular health and fitness app.

YouTube – I love watching YouTubers and so this official YouTube app is perfect for when you are on the go or in bed and want to catch up with the latest videos from your subscriptions.

TVCatchUp – I sometimes panic when I am not at home and I am missing Coronation Street or EastEnders or something. Well, I always say this app is a lifesaver and it is. This is a live TV app that you can watch on-the-go. Most channels on it are from Freeview but I usually tend to watch the main ones – BBC One, Two, ITV. etc…

Reminders – I would say this is a feature rather than an app because it comes with the iPhone but I use this for my daily to-do list as it is called ‘Reminders’. What I did was, I organised it by adding days from Monday – Sunday and under each day, I write everything I need to do that day. If you want some more advice on staying organised, I wrote a blog post about it a few months ago right you can go and check that out.

…and that is it. If you have any recommendations of apps you think I should download, please do comment below.

9 thoughts on “My Favourite iPhone Apps

  1. Katttttt says:

    I know this is off topic but you should really write a post on your favourite music. That would be interesting.

  2. foreverhealth060891 says:

    Being the fellow Londoner that you are, you should deffo download the ‘Oyster Info’ app. Its great, you can keep up to date with how much money you have on it and search through your journey history etc..

  3. Izabelle says:

    I’m glad you admitted that you using MyFitnessPal is a disordered behavior and I really think you shouldn’t be using it. This app is great for a healthy and overweight person trying to lose a few pounds but for someone clearly with anorexia and underweight like yourself, it’s wrong. I understand how hard it is to stop calorie counting but this app encourages weight loss too. I hope you’ll stop using it and I hope you don’t mind me saying this. But a very interesting post. I love TVCatchUp too!! xx

    • Staystrongways says:

      I really enjoyed reading this coz your fav apps are similar to mine! But I have to agree with Izabelle there. MyFitnessPal is also a social media site so you can share your weight loss progress and give out tips and tricks. They may be healthy but definitely not healthy to an anorexic. I am not saying you are pro-ana or anything coz you are clearly not and i know that you’re very sick and when your ill with anorexia you do tend to find extreme ways to lose weight. Take care love. X

    • Habiba says:

      It is definitely part of the disorder. I am not in no way condoning using this for eating disorderd people. I understand how unhealthy it is for me to use it. Also, I do not interact with anyone on it or give out tips or tricks. One day, I do hope to stop using it or at least use it as part of a healthy lifestyle. I appreciate your concern though. xx

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