Conservative Party Conference 2013: Cameron “We are the party of the future”

Ending the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester today was David Cameron’s quite optimistic speech as he claimed that the Conservatives “are the party of the future”.

He asked voters to release him from the Coalition in order to “finish the job” and of course, using the quite overused Tory phrase, he did say he wants to “clean up the mess that Labour left” but not just clean the mess and be done with it. He said he did not come into politics to fix what went wrong but to build something right.

He said his ambition was to make Britain “a land of opportunity for all” because of course they are the party for “hardworking people”. The speech was focused mainly on the economy and welfare. He said his ambition is to cut taxes. “We’re Tories. We believe in low taxes. And believe me – we will keep on cutting the taxes of hard-working people.”

He pledged that anyone under 25 is not going to be able to claim housing or unemployment benefits under an all-Conservative government. Instead, he said young people should be forced to “earn or learn”.

He said the economy was finally “turning the corner” after the recession however, he did admit the job was not over and the Conservatives want to move on from “clearing up the mess” Labour have left to “build something better in its place”. He said he wanted his party to be given the chance to “finish the job we’ve started”.

He touched on a number of issues other issues including Scottish Referendum, the NHS, HS2 and Education. Referring to young people, he said if they fail English and Maths GCSE, they will need to do it all again and again and again until they pass because “there’s not a job in the world where you don’t need to spell and add up properly.”

This speech was a round up of what we have heard within the past few days from the conference. There were no new policies. The speech was about their mission and what Cameron hopes to bring in the future. It was not the best speech he has given and probably won’t be what people are going to talk about in the next few days as much as they did about Ed Miliband’s speech last week because Ed basically overshadowed the whole conference.

However, Cameron reminded people about what Conservatives are all about in this speech; that they are the party for “hardworking people” who want to get on but also made it clear that the economic recovery is happening but is taking time and for people to hang in there and trust them.

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