Beauty Review: Estee Lauder Double Wear Light Foundation


I absolutely love Estee Lauder foundations and have been wearing them for a couple of years now as a day foundation. One reason why I love Estee Lauder products is because they do not break me out as most of them are non-comedogenic, non-acnegenic and oil-free.

After using the full-coverage Double Wear foundation for quite a long time, I came to realisation that, though it is such a great Autumn/Winter foundation due to its heavy texture and coverage, it is not a photo-friendly foundation and makes you look rather ghost-like in flash photos. which is not the look I want to be honest. So, after reading a lot of reviews and using a sample for a couple of weeks, I decided to purchase the Double Wear Light foundation in full and I must say, this has been my go-to foundation this Spring/Summer and probably will be this Autumn/Winter also.


This foundation is very matte, yet sheer so it is great for oily skin and  it does not clog any pores. It is non-acnegenic, so if you do suffer from acne, this foundation is great and will not break you out. It is such a good foundation for everyday wear as it is light and you cannot even tell that you have it on, depending on how many pumps you use of course. It has SPF 10, so good for flash photography.

What I personally think is one of the most amazing things about this foundation is that it lasts a very long time. You can put it on about 8am and it will stay on perfect until about 10pm, so it does stay true to its word, with it being a 15-hour foundation.  

The packaging of the product is very easy to use unlike the other Double Wear foundation. It has a medium coverage, so if you have a lot of dark blemishes, you will need to conceal them after you put this on. I like full coverage foundations but this does the job for me as I feel like I do not have to conceal as much, probably due to the fact that my acne is not that severe as it used to be. It does not feel too greasy or dry either.

It retails for £28.50. Definitely on the expensive side but what I like to say is that, your facial skin is the most important part you should to take care of, so therefore if you can, try to invest in a pricier foundation which can benefit your skin as well as making you feel much for confident. I have tried many foundations in the past and I feel like this is definitely a foundation that is perfect for my skin and I will probably use for a very long time.

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