How I Style: Smock Dresses


Smock dresses are something I have been really loving recently and sometimes it can be very difficult to style them. I style them in a paticular way. The one above is a checkered smock dress from Miss Selfridge.

I like pairing a smock dress with either tights, leggings or just a simple black peg leg trousers.

A nice wedged mary jane shoes look incredible with a smock dress. I recently purchased the one above from Barratts. You can wear white tights which will look great with the mary janes or just a simple black or white socks.

Floral crowns look great on when you pair it with the right outfit. Pairing a floral crown with a smock dress will add a very cute look to the whole outfit. I absolutely love floral crowns. If you add a floral crown, you really do not need any jewellery to be honest. The floral crown, I feel is already a big statement and any other accessories will just look too much.

And finally, to complete the look, I added a pretty clutch bag which just looks amazing with the smock dress. I do try to colour match most things. In this particular look, it is quite pinky.

This is a very suitable outfit for a nice summers day, however I would wear it all year round.

One thought on “How I Style: Smock Dresses

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