Book Review: Love You Bye: My Story by Scott Mills


Being the radio geek that I am, a few months ago I finally bought Scott Mills’ book about his career and all the troubles he faced along the way. If you do not know who Scott Mills is, he is a BBC Radio 1 DJ and presents a weekly mid-afternoon show on the station.

One reason why I bought this book is not because I am a fan of Scott but because I faced (and still facing) similar struggles to him and this book has been so inspiring to me.

In the book, he talks about being homosexual and his visit to Uganda to film a BBC documentary called ‘The World’s Worst Place To Be Gay’ about the illegality of homosexuality in the country, which must have been very tough for him to do.

He also talks about his journey to becoming a successful radio DJ whilst also battling crippling anxiety which is what I could relate to. Also, he talks about the losses in his life, his relationships, his friendship with David Hasslehoff, his weight and drinking problems and how it overcame them all.

He is very honest yet very funny in the book, which is what I loved the most. Something I could relate to was his battle with anxiety.

“My way back from hospital radio sacking came through work experience at Ocean FM, a proper radio station. Every Saturday I would turn up and do whatever menial tasks were asked of me. I would happily have dropped out of school and spent all my time in the studios if I could. Ocean FM gave me a sense of purpose and made me feel much happier and more secure, so it’s a mystery as to why I began to suffer from crippling panic attacks at around the same time as I started working there.”

This paragraph stood out to me because I completely understand how he felt. Radio is something that makes me feel happy and makes me forget about all the bad stuff but it is not easy when you have anxiety, This paragraph reminds me of my work placement at BBC Radio 4. Working there changed my life yet I battled severe social anxiety whilst working there but it was the first step to getting better and facing my fears.

When you have anxiety, people think you cannot do jobs that require you to speak. I often get told how am I even a journalist because I am so quiet but that is the thing. I challenge the fear, just like Scott Mills did.

This book was great in the fact that you get to see how he made it big and got a job on a station like Radio 1. Following his career since I was little and being on a journey to a career in the radio industry myself, it was an enjoyable and inspiring book to read and I highly recommend it to radio fans but also if you suffer from any form of anxiety too.

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