How To Deal With Bullying


Summer holidays are now over and it is time for everyone to go back to school and work but for some, they may be dreading going back because of a certain bully or bullies. Bullying is something very close to my heart. No, not in that way. I have been a victim of bullying for many years which made me quite knowledgeable as to how to deal with bullies and made me want to help people who are being bullied because I understand how it can be like.

Bullying is a very serious issue and often occurs in school but it can also take place within the workplace.

Bulling can be…

  • Verbal or written abuse
  • Violence – including threats
  • Sexual harassment
  • Homophobia
  • Discrimination including racial discrimination
  • Cyberbullying – either online or via mobile phone

If you are being bullied in any way, these are some of my top tips on how to deal with the situation…

Tell Someone 

One thing I have learnt throughout my time of being bullied is that I stayed silent most of the time and because of that, my bullying experience still haunts me to this day. If you are being bullied, tell someone you trust immediately. A friend, a teacher, a colleague, your boss, a parent. You will get it off your chest and feel more safer. They can give you advice on how to deal with it whilst also help you stop the bullies.

Keep Calm

Do not rise to the bullies. If they are interrogating you, just try to stay calm and don’t fight back. That is what the bullies want – to get a reaction from you. Do not show the bullies that you are sad or upset. Ignore them and walk away.

Stay Away

Try to avoid the bullies if you see them around. If it is impossible to avoid them, do not look at them. Do your own thing. If they say something, ignore them. Show them that they are not affecting you, even if they are.

Focus on Something Positive

Do what you love and enjoy to take your mind off the bullies. Try not to dwell on it. It will only just make you more upset.

Avoid Getting Violent

I know sometimes it is so hard to stay calm and you just want to hurt them but if you become violent, it will only just make things worse. Avoid getting violent and threatening the bullies.

Stay With People

Finally, try not to be alone with the bully. Always stay with people. The bully is less likely to be violent towards you if you are around people.

Bullying can affect you in more ways than you may think. It can cause you to have serious psychological implications in the future. If you are being bullied and are (or thinking of) harming yourself or ending your life, I would suggest you seek professional help immediately.

Below are some links that may help you…


Always know that you are not alone. There is help out there.

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