Beauty Review: MAC Fix +

Recently, I bought the MAC Fix + after hearing a lot of positive reviews about it. Fix + is a vitamin and mineral spray for your face after you have done your make-up to achieve a refreshing and flawless look.


I have been wanting a refreshing spray to put on after I have applied my make-up because sometimes, depending on what foundation I put on and how my skin is at the moment, my make-up can look a bit cakey. Since I have purchased this and started using it, my make-up has been looking flawless and I find that my face feels rather fresh, hydrated and clean during the day.

It is very easy to apply and you only need a little bit for it to do its job. I often hear people saying that it makes your make-up stay on longer, however, this is not a setting spray. Fix + is a refreshing spray that makes your skin feel fresher once you have applied your make-up. It does not make your make-up stay on longer. Refresher sprays are water based and water makes your skin feel fresher whereas setting sprays are alcohol based which sets your make-up therefore making it last longer.

It also does not finish that quick. I have only had it for about a month now and it still looks like I have not even used much of it, so one 100ml bottle will last you a long time.

It keeps your face glowing, absorbs quickly and adds a bit of dewiness to your face. If you have really oily skin, maybe this product might not be for you as it does not provide a matte finish. However, this is a very good product for combination or dry skin.

The price of the product is very affordable at £14.50 in the UK.

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