Big Brother 2013 (UK) – My Opinion On The Current Housemates


I LOVE Big Brother and it seems to take up my whole summer every year. I think since it has moved to Channel 5, it has improved tremendously. The housemates that are left are a random bunch and here is what I think of them.



She is the most hated housemate at the moment to the public. I think she should be the next housemate to be evicted. Since the whole Daley scenario, she just angers me and I think the Daley situation really did ruin her reputation as a housemate and to the public. She should have been evicted long ago. Why is she still there?


Jack and Joe

 These two are honestly starting to get on my nerves now. I thought they were nice boys at first and to be honest, because they are twins and are rather comedic, they were quite popular with the public but these past few weeks, they just seem too arrogant I suppose, which is not going to help them win the show at all.



What can I say about Callum? He is SO creepy it is ridiculous. I really do not think he is himself in the house. He is acting rather fake. The “Mr Nice-Guy” act definitely gave away his game plan and because the others have picked up on it, he has totally changed into a different person and has become quite bitchy and evil. He does like Charlie regardless of what he says and he is incredibly jealous of Dexter.



 There is nothing to be said for Sam. I really do not think he brings anything to the house. He just seems plain boring and frankly he needs to go.



She is a lovely person but I am afraid again, she also does not bring anything to the house and I feel like she needs to go.



 A very controversial housemate indeed. You cannot deny the fact that Dexter is quite an entertaining housemate and without him, the house will be quite dull. I have no idea if his feelings towards Charlie are genuine but there is a part of me that thinks he is a genuine person. Under that hard shell of his, he is a nice person and I do feel like  he is not taken seriously by the other housemates. But who knows? That could be part of his game plan and his attempt to annoy Callum. I want him to stay in and get to the final.



I think she is really secretly enjoying having two guys quite literally falling at her feet but the whole Charlie-Dexter-Callum thing is really getting boring now. That whole situation has made her one of the popular housemates. I actually think she likes Callum but also she has a soft spot for Dexter but to be honest, I really do not think anything will happen with either of them and that so-called love-triangle needs to end once and for all.



I have saved the best till last. I LOVE love love Gina! She has dramatically changed the public’s perception of her since she went into the safe house with Dexter. She is the only genuine housemate there. I did not like her at first because of what happened on the first night with Sallie but she really has won me over and I love her. Gina to win!

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