My Perfect Summer Outfit


It has been very hot in London this week and for once, I have not been wearing a jacket because it is that warm outside. I always need a jacket of some sort whenever I go out, however, this week it has been impossible for me to even survive outside with a jacket on. This is what I love to wear during the summer and what I have been settling with this week.

  • Swing Dress – Hot weather makes me want to wear really light, simple and baggy dresses. Tight dresses with a lot of detailing will only just make you feel even more hot so I tend to stay away from that. I have been wearing floaty dresses recently. I find that my body can breath outside if I am wearing a nice light summery dress and not feel too hot. Swing dresses are very in at the moment and can make you look that extra bit glamorous during the summer months.
  • Capri Trousers/Leggings – Capri/Cropped trousers or leggings looks great with dresses like this or alternatively you can wear tights or bare legs if that is more your style. I prefer high-waisted capri trousers.
  • Shawl – Replacing a coat or a jacket, I love to wear a pretty polka-dot shawl. This will not make you feel hot and it gives a lot of coverage (which is what I want) that a jacket/coat will give you and it just looks amazing with a nice floaty dress.
  • Bag – When it is hot outside, the thought of taking a big bag with me makes me feel exhausted. A small simple cross-body bag is all you need.
  • Mary-Jane Flats – I usually wear suede wallabees with any outfit however, this weather makes me not want to wear socks and makes me want to give my feet a break, so this week, I have been wearing my simple mary-jane flats. This footwear provides a very elegant twist to it and it just looks incredible with the capri trousers.
  • Sunglasses – You always need a pair of sunglasses when it is hot. As usual, I have been wearing my round John Lennon shades.
  • Lipstick – I always say a look is never complete without lipstick and this week, I have been wearing MAC’s Pink Pearl Pop. It is such a lovely mid-tone summery pink and looks amazing on. Perfect lipstick for summer.

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