Graduation Day Outfit


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I graduate next month from my two-year degree and deciding what to wear is appearing to be a nightmare. Graduation is a wonderful time to mark the end of your academic education in style and for many of us, especially women, we to tend to panic about what we are going to wear. I am sure you woud want to go out and celebrate with your university peers after the ceremony and you want to look your best. Here are some of my graduation outfit and style ideas…

  • A Conservative Dress  – You want to dress for success on your graduation day because of course, the day is all about celebrating your success. A short skirt and a crop top will not look good or impressive. Choose a dress that compliments your body and shape and possibly stray away from black if you can as your gown will be black. Do not wear something rather puffy because I am sure you do not want to look quite big under your gown. I would choose something with a high neck and a dress that is light and elegant like this smart plain white a-line shift dress. You can pair this with either tights of leggings and also a black cropped waterfall blazer if you want to cover up your arms.
  • Wear Comfortable Footwear – There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable on one of the important days of your life where you will have to walk, stand as well as pose for your photo! Wedges are a comfortable bet for this, however, I am not the one for heels. I would not want to look overdressed so I would wear flat gladiator sandals. I still do not want my footwear to look simple and too underdressed, so the caged design will give the whole look a dressed up feel, but not too dressed up if that makes sense. If you want a bit of height and look more dressed up, then wedges will do the trick.
  • A Small Bag – I am the type of person who feels lost without a bag. Wherever I go, I must have a bag with me. At graduation, it is advised you only bring what you need such as your phone and camera. If your dress has a pocket, you probably will not need to take a bag with you. However, a bag will finish off the whole look. I would go for a small elegant yet simple cross body bag that also turns into a clutch bag, enough to fit in your phone and camera.

So I would definitly go for a monochrome look for graduation as it is a very formal occasion. For make-up, I would do a very simple winged out cat-eye look with a natural finish.

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