My Concert/Gig/Festival Outfit…

Last night (June 7th), I went to see The Stone Roses at Finsbury Park (London) and this is what I wore.

  • Black Tutu Dress (From H&M) – I absolutely love wearing a rather attractive tutu dress for a occasion like a music concert/festival/gig. It just makes the whole outfit look together, it looks flattering and has a rock ‘n’ roll feel to it.
  • Black Skinny Trousers (From H&M) – As usual, I wore black skinny trousers with the tutu dress. It has a leggings look to it which goes with the dress.
  • Parka (From Matalan – but customised myself) – I could not go to a Stone Roses gig without wearing my customised parka. All day I got compliments off Roses fans because of how ‘cool’ and ‘modlike’ I  looked wearing it. The parka definitely suited the band and the atmosphere of the gig.
  • Black Patent Dr Martens (From Amazon) – Because it was an outdoor gig and I would be standing on grass, I decided to wear my Dr Martens. I do not wear these boots at indoor gigs but for an outdoor gig or a festival, Dr Martens are perfect, just in case it gets muddy. However, it was not muddy at all yesterday but I am glad I wore them because it kept me warm and it was easy to walk in!
  • Round Sunglasses (From eBay) – It was sunny so to sum up the Mod/Rock ‘N’ Roll  look, I wore my round shades, which always looks cool with my parka.
  • Hello Kitty Bag (From Claire’s Accessories) –  I always take a small bag with me to a concert or a festival and this Hello Kitty bag contradicted the whole look however, I love Hello Kitty and this bag is a perfect size to fit all the concert/festival essentials in such as camera, phone, tickets, make-up etc…
  • MAC Ruby Woo Lipstick – And finally, as usual, any look of mine would not be complete without a lipstick. I decided to wear MAC’s Ruby Woo lipstick. I love matte red lipsticks and this stayed on all day. You only have to apply a little bit because it is rather thick.

Putting the fashion aside, the gig was rather amazing. I have been cynical about The Stone Roses reforming but after seeing them live, they did not disappoint and Ian Brown, who is one of my heroes  shook my hand, which made the night even more amazing.

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