Sir Alex Ferguson to Retire as Manchester United Manager

It is an end of an era. A day all football fans have dreaded. Sir Alex Ferguson will step down as Manchester United manager at the end of the season. 26 years of being Manchester United’s manager is an incredible achievement and I think he will leave without any regrets.

He was a strong leader and adored by fans and players but he also had his faults throughout the years. Without the faults though, he would not have been a great public figure that he is today.

People found him to be a strong manager because of the way he combined many of his own qualities into the team. He managed the team in a way where no other manager could. His passion and enthusiasm about football showed in the matches by the way he organised his team.

He knows what attitude to use against different players and what players he thinks will definitely benefit the team to help them grow and win. I don’t think he regrets signing Robin Van Persie. In fact, that was probably his proudest signing so far.

After winning thirteen Premier League titles, two Champions Leagues, two domestic league and FA Cup doubles, he thinks it is about time he leaves and he will leave with a great reputation as one of the greatest managers of all time as well as a great legacy left at Old Trafford.

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