Local Elections 2013 – UKIP’s Victory…

So, Ken Clarke, who are the “clowns” now? UKIP have had the last laugh today when they managed to win the most votes at the local council elections across England. It could not have come at a better time as well after Conservative Cabinet minister Ken Clarke branded UKIP as “clowns” the other day.

This result was rather unexpected to some but expected to others because of how much UKIP have grown as a political party in recent months. We have seen it coming and people have taken a liking to their policies.

But, what are UKIP doing that Labour, Tories and the Lib Dem’s aren’t? Maybe the British public want something new. Of course, we cannot deny that most political parties say they will do something but in the end, it turns to be the complete opposite. Maybe people are just curious as to see what UKIP will do to deliver…or maybe it was the desperate protest votes that UKIP continually deny, that they are more than a protest voting party. This is what people really wanted…or is it?

UKIP leader Nigel Farage said the result was “remarkable” for the party and they are on course to change the face of British politics.

The Conservatives have fallen back since the general election and worry has arisen for Prime Minister David Cameron. He said he will need “to work hard to win back voters.”

Labour have still got a lot to do even though they did fairly well in the local elections today and leader Ed Miliband said he is “pleased” with their result  However, the Liberal Democrats are nowhere near to win the public over to vote for them after suffering quite an awful result.

UKIP are not going anywhere and from the results we are seeing from local elections, they are on their way to compete with the other three main parties in the next general election in 2015.

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