George Osborne Cries – A Weak Politician?


After Gazza made it okay for sportsmen to cry in public after the 1990 world-cup semi final between England & Germany, we have since then gone on to see many sportsmen to cry in public, but socially speaking, why is it not acceptable for politicians to cry?

This week at Baroness Thatcher’s funeral, Chancellor George Osborne was caught on camera with tears streaming down his face and it has caused a somewhat of public interest and a confusion.

This was a different side to the Chancellor which the public have not seen before and as a politician and a Tory, we expect to him to be a strong public figure but this shows weakness. This shows that he is not that much of a strong leader and in fact, he has a vulnerable side to him that we did not know even existed.

Many are confused by his tears asking why was he crying at Thatcher’s funeral when he only met the former prime minister once but does he not cry over the criticism he gets from the public over his policies?

Nick Clegg, who was also at Lady Thatcher’s funeral, defended the Chancellor against his critics saying “You’ve got to give any man or woman the liberty to cry if they want to. I don’t think we should criticise someone for showing emotion.”

I think people would not criticise just anyone for showing emotion but the fact that Mr Osborne is a politician who cried in public made people question it.

It shows that even politicians do have feelings and they as well need to let it all out at times. Crying does not have to always mean showing weakness but rather it showed him to be a true Thatcherite, a true Tory and someone who genuinely believes in his party.

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