Humiliation for the Tories

Today is a good day for the Liberal Democrats as they won majority of the votes in the Eastleigh-by-election along with UKIP who came second. The Conservatives however, came third much to David Cameron’s disappointment. Over the past year or so, we have seen the Tories failing to win those local seats which does not come as a surprise to many, considering the failing of the economy.

This is a rather stressful time for Cameron and George Osborne who have yet to prove themselves. The Lib Dems have clearly shown they can win seats that the Conservatives are targeting in the south. This is all wonderful for Nick Clegg. Winning local seats makes the Lib Dems appear to be doing something good after the last couple of wobbly months for them.

UKIP are also doing surprisingly well in local elections and leader Nigel Farage said “We’ve proved we can challenge” and claims his party changed the architecture of British Politics. However, education secretary Michael Gove says UKIP has taken advantage of protest voters. The question is, could British politics change now that UKIP have strong local supporters?

There will be quite a lot of examination in the Labour party too. Coming in fourth place leaves Ed Miliband in a dilemma and questioning whether he and his party are doing enough, or even doing too much?

Of course, by-elections are not really a reliable answer to the general elections so the Tories can safely breath, but should they be worried? David Cameron says he is confident that in the general election he can win those people back by demonstrating that they are delivering for everyone who wants to work hard and get on and that is what he will be focused on.

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