Is the UK exiting out of the EU?

Being part of the European Union is a good thing to some – the pro-Europeans, but for others – the Eurosceptics, it is a major problem. David Cameron and his Tory backbenchers do not like the UK being part of the EU. It is perhaps a big challenge and a lot of pressure for Cameron. Trying to handle and focus on both Europe as well as the UK will mean he will have a lot on his plate. This is quite an unprofessional side to the prime minister. Cameron simply does not know what he wants from Europe and lacks a strategy thus the reason why he wants to opt out of the EU. This shows how weak he has become within his own party and as prime minister, however we cannot dismiss the fact that even though we are part of the EU, the UK on its own, does have economic individuality and that could be a reason why Cameron is against being part of the EU.

Labour leader Ed Miliband has said if pro-Europeans, like himself and the Labour party do not fight their case, Britain could “sleepwalk towards exit” which could see a damaging outcome for the UK and the rest of Europe.

Tory MP David Davis has said that the only way to sort out this commotion over the UK and the EU is to opt for a referendum on an in/out vote. There is going to be a referendum, whoever is in power in the next five years, because the British public will demand it – they won’t put up with it anymore.” 

The confident Tory Eurosceptics will be delighted if the UK does exit the EU. It will be better on the economic front. Being a member of the EU means paying more tax, however, not being part of the EU means we will have to pay less tax therefore save more money. Tax avoidance is a growing problem recently, if we could call it a problem that is.

The other EU countries are eager to go ahead without the UK. Financial Times have said some of the countries are even agreeing annual budgets without the UK’s support. Does this mean we are already slowly exiting out of the EU? A referendum on this is a good idea. A democracy is what we need.

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