PMQs: Andrew Mitchell is ‘toast’ according to Miliband


Things got a bit heated in the House of Commons today when Ed Miliband attacked the Tory Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell during the PMQs, which of course left David Cameron to defend his fellow Tory. The ‘pleb’ row has gone on long enough but why is it still the main topic amongst politicians at the moment? It is something Labour can hold against the Tories for a very long time. Some, in fact most and specifically the Labour Party think Mitchell should have been sacked and arrested for using such abusive language towards the police. “He is completely undermined. His position is untenable. In other words, he is toast and that is the reality,” Mr Miliband said.

Well, there is no doubt that his career is ‘toast’ or at least his reputation in politics is. It seems like as long as Cameron is PM, he will always stand up for his own colleagues, despite their ruthless and absolute disgrace of behaviour.

‘Pleb’ is not an extremely offensive word as such and rarely used in the modern day. Coming from Ancient Rome, ‘plebeians’ are public school boys from the lower social class.

From the official statement, Andrew Mitchell described the police as ‘plebs’ so what does that say about him? I do however believe that he should not be sacked, maybe that is going too far but he did not admit to have used the words that was attributed him. In fact, he denied using any of those words and just apologised to the police in which the police have accepted according to Cameron. Nick Clegg has said the same. It would be quite hard for Clegg to be against this as this could make things difficult for the coalition, so Clegg has kept his head down. Smart move.

But now, pressure is mounting on Andrew Mitchell to resign. Maybe if this row goes on long enough, he will eventually give in. We all know that Cameron is not going to sack him anytime soon.

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