Hunt’s abortion plans

Former Culture Secretary and now Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt has raised a few eyebrows today after he told the Times he wants to reduce the current abortion limit from 24-weeks to just 12 weeks. It comes after new Culture Secretary and Women’s Minister Maria Miller called for a 20-week limit on abortion, which seems a bit more sensible than halving the limit radically.

Jeremy Hunt told the Times on the eve of the Conservative party conference “It’s just my view about that incredibly difficult question about the moment that we should deem life to start. I don’t think the reason I have that view is for religious reasons.” As it is his own personal belief, the government said they do not have plans to reduce the limit of terminations anytime soon. David Cameron has said that Mr Hunt was  “entitled to hold an individual view” but insisted it was not government policy.

Many say women have the right to choose what they should or should not do with their own body and as it is the 21st century, no one, not even the government have the right to rule over women. Evidence indicate that reducing the time limit on legal abortion does not do anything to reduce the number of terminations many women take so why lower it? It actually will not change anything.

Hunt’s views did not favor the public, especially women and even MP’s from his own party. It did not make people gravitate towards the already-hated Hunt, it just made them question what he is doing as Health Secretary, as his background has nothing to with Medicine. He already ruined his reputation as Health Secretary after his Homeopathy view and this has not helped either and he has only been at his new job a couple of weeks. Maybe his Culture Secretary role was more suited to him.

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