Labour Party Conference 2012: Does Ed Miliband have what it takes to be prime minister?

The ComRes poll for The Independent yesterday showed that 63% of people think Ed Miliband cannot be a good prime minister and are still backing David Cameron who they think is a much more stronger person to run the government, despite the country still being in a recession which came from the last Labour government onto the now Coalition government or more so the Tory-led government.

After Miliband’s remarkable speech yesterday at the Labour conference in Manchester, he has most certainly won over the public to vote for Labour at the next general election in 2015. He delivered the speech without notes and spoke confidently, articulately and with emotion. It was one of the most personal speeches a politician has ever given. He spoke about his personal experience at school “My school taught us a lot more than just how to pass exams: it taught people how to get on with each other, whoever they were.” He wants to create a “One Nation” party which was first used by the Tories.

He also vowed to reform an education system for the “forgotten 50%” who don’t go to university which will be called the Technical Baccalaureate which will be equivalent to A-Levels. “We cannot succeed if we can have an education system which only works for half the country,” said Miliband at his speech yesterday.

Was what he promised all too good to be true? Or can a future Labour government make this work? His speech stood out to a lot of people and Labour supporters can now take a moment to imagine this future and Ed Miliband as prime minister making this government a much more resilient one.

David Cameron will be watching Miliband’s speech sternly and wondering what on earth to say to beat that in his speech at the Conservative conference next week in Birmingham.

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